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Yusuf Sonmezler Group Inc. was established in 1988 by Yusuf Sonmezler in Adana Organized Industrial Zone. It has an integrated production facility consisting of 20,000 m2 closed area on 30,000 m2 land. At the same time, since 1988, Petroleum Products trade and management have been continued. Sonmezler is a group company that prioritizes customer satisfaction with Chemical Engineers, Food Engineers, Expert Foreign Trade Team and its employees with its vision for the future and all brands.
As Global Smart As Global Smart, we supply protective product, surgical mask, overalls, gloves, disinfectant, helmet, protective glasses, mask, surgical gown, meltblown, 3-layer mask, gown, three-layer mask, ffp1 ffp2 ffp3 mask, 3m masks, n95 mask, nitrile gloves, latex gloves ... Food products, Edible oils, olive and olive oils, sunflower oil, bakery products, prepared foods, Frozen foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen fruits, juices,
Our company has become the ADDRESS OF TASTE with high quality products, hygienic production and high quality service..
Having been inaugurated as a small-scaled workshop in 1968, Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. has now become one of the leader companies of its sector of vegetable oil production with its integrated production facility of a total of 71,153 m2, 30,066 m2 of which is enclosed. in parallel to such an improvement, at the end of this half a century-long journey, Orucoglu has become the leader of Anatolia in the sector of vegetable oil production. Having been incorporated in the year 1968 in Afyon Centrum with its oil procession capacity of 6 tons / day, Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. is now being referred as one of the top ten producers in Turkey with its oilseed procession capacity of 750 tons, raw oil and oil cake production capacities of, respectively. 300 and 450 tons. Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. has succeeded to become a pioneering company, having broken all the grounds of its sector, including the production technology, package designing, and product range. • Having applied an innovation to oil procession for the first time around the world, it has developed therefrom the extraction system based on gravity, called ‘Bottom Discharge’, and has thereby obtained the patent of this innovation. • Having broken a new ground in the liquid oil sector with its Omega-3-added Sunflower Seed Oil, Orucoglu Yag has thereby introduced an ideal product, especially for heart and vein diseases. Package of this special product won 2001 World Star Award in the competition, having been held by the World Package Organization, right after Turkey. • Having constituted its quality management with the intent of achieving total quality after the conduct of respective infrastructural works for 2 years, it obtained TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in May 1999, after such a short period of 6 months.
We produce and export foodstuff...
Motto Limited Company was established by two partners who are partners in their family business companies. Two young businessmen who were senior managers in two separate companies based in Ankara and Istanbul decided to establish Motto Limited Company. The experience of the two companies that have been successfully carrying out manufacturing, marketing and assembly services in the construction, energy, investment, food and production sectors for the last 15 years is now opening to the world with a new vision with Motto Limited Company. Motto Limited Company, which is opened to the world with the principle of “our motto is trust”, offers professional services and solutions to its esteemed customers which it considers itself as a business partner in international trade.
Sarbay Foreign Trade Limited Company started its operations in 2012. The company has combined its know-how before establishing the company under a single roof. The company acts as an intermediary between its exporting partners and customers and the importing companies abroad. With its existing foreign relations, it has assumed the mission of business development in international markets. In Sarbay, we believe that protecting the benefit of our customers, and winning their trust should come above all gains. Providing high-quality services to our customers through effective and reliable teamwork represent the core of our values as a company. In 2012, SGI Plastic Machinery Mold Construction Auto was established to produce disposable plastic razor and bloodstone. SGI company is currently strengthening its brand image in the market via its high-quality products that have already offered to Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf countries. Through producing high quality, ease of use products which give confidence to the consumers in terms of hygiene, and trough production-based growth SGI Plastic aims to be the leader in its sector SARBAY Foreign Trade Company’s main concern besides, working together with SGI Plastic, is to find solutions to the problems faced by its partners' products in the market place. And through its wide range of products SARBAY, is constantly evaluating the market's need and upgrading its services accordingly. In all of our works, in addition to a successful team of scientists, high-tech Machinery Park and distinguished raw material manufacturers are used. Our higher aim is to sustain the structure which is dominated by the win & win system with our healthy and long-lasting customers.
We know power of Anatolian’s ground which is very valuable and we proud that has been to be producers of Grape, Apricots, and Fig, from these grounds. Future of world will need to be reachable to good and healthy foods more than last years.But in these times, we see that differences of consumption between people because region or economical problems. In this period, we decided to joining to this food chain in the world and we started with our slogan which is “FARMERS HAS JOINED FORCES in ANATOLIA” We started firstly Raisins , Dried Fig and Dried Apricot farmers together and we sure that others Anatolian farmers will join us at future. We started to selling our products from farmer to customer directly. ” As we have said always ,quality is first for us because health can’t be purchased with money “
Cosmopolitan Food Group has been in the Olive Oil and Gourmet Foods business for more than 25 years. Today, CFG is in 3 continents, with 4 factories, 7 warehouses and 8 sales offices, and selling its products worldwide in more than 65 countries. CFG is investing in providing the best quality gourmet products coming directly from the source and distributed directly to supermarkets world wide. To achieve this, it has established four factories in the Aegean Region of Turkey, which is the main agricultural area of the country for Mediterranean style food. These factories are designed for producing olive and speciality oils, vinegars and unique gourmet favorites including our delicious sun dried tomatoes, our tangy peppers and capers, our flavorful honey and our robust bruschetta. CFG factories operate under A grade BRC & HACCP protocols and ISO 22000:2006 regulations for standardization for food safety. Other certifications include Organic Certificates; EU, JAS, NOP, Halal Certificate, Kosher Certificate and Gluten Free Certificates